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The Springer Memorial School is one of the twenty-three (23) Secondary Schools. It is a girlsí school.

Here at Springer Memorial Secondary School one finds a dedicated and committed staff. This staff sees its role as one of turning out respectable and well-rounded individuals who are trustworthy, honest, creative and filled with a sense of self worth.

In the delivery of education a team approach is adopted. It is our belief that the home, school and community must work together for the benefit of our young people.

This is in keeping with our philosophy which seeks to promote excellence in a positive educational environment, providing diverse learning opportunities for our students in order to prepare them for a dynamic global experience.

It is with Godís help and guidance that we the staff of the Springer Memorial School intend through these means to improve the quality of life and make sure our students reach their fullest potential

PHYSICAL PLANT The Springer Memorial School is situated along the busy Government Hill Road with easy access to Bridgetown and its environs. From the elevated buildings one has a wonderful view of the Bridgetown Harbour. The School plant consists of thirty-six classrooms, four laboratories, two Music Rooms, one Computer Lab, four Art Rooms, two Craft Rooms, one Technical Drawing Room, one Guidance Office and one Auditorium along with an Administrative Block The Physical Education Department utilizes a small area of land adjacent to the school as well as its unique open-air gymnasium.

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